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Welcome to The Universal Church of Almighty God — the church of the future.

We are a multifaith church based in South West London that aims to bring together people of diverse religious traditions for prayer, fellowship, worship, and interfaith dialogue.

Do you believe there is one God over all creation? Then our church could be your spiritual home. Whatever your background and experience, there will be something you can contribute to the church.


Prayer allows us to communicate directly with the creator of the universe and is the most important aspect of our mission to create a more peaceful world. We try to promote an inclusive way of praying that acknowledges the one true God who has created every religion.

Interfaith Dialogue

Different faiths

We hold events where people from different religious backgrounds respectfully debate the most pressing moral and spiritual issues of our time. We believe the church has an important role to play in creating community cohesion through interfaith dialogue.

Group Worship

Three musicians on stage

We facilitate a wide range of musical and artistic activity with the aim of worshiping God in ever more creative and passionate ways that break through cultural barriers and unify our congregations in glorifying God and celebrating God’s amazing works.

Every so often we hold an Ultraviolet Worship Party, which is an event where people of all ages come together to dance to spiritual songs in a unique environment with UV lighting creating a magical atmosphere. These events are not to be missed!

Your Spiritual Home

Two girls dancing surrounded by positive words

We’d love for you to be a part of our community! The best way to get involved is to subscribe to this website (we just need an email address in the sign-up box) so that you will be notified of future events and can consider coming along to one of our gatherings. Also, please take a moment to view our current volunteering opportunities.

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